JGSU Ikeda Daisaku Research Institute Founded

On October 29, 2012, Jinggangshan University held a ceremony to celebrate the establishment of JGSU Ikeda Daisaku Research Institute. President of Soka University Yamamoto Hideo, authorized by Ikeda Daisaku, the founder of Soka University, took a special trip to attend the ceremony. Wang Hongxiang, Professor of World Language Center in Soka University, Horiguchi Shingo, head of the International Department in Soka University and the journalists of Japan Holy Church Society were in company with President Yamamoto. JGSU President Zhang Taicheng, together with Yamamoto Hideo, unveiled the nameplate for the institute. Vice-president Zeng Jianping presided at the ceremony. Those 40-plus people present at the ceremony also included Vice-president Xiao Changchun, director of the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, dean of the School of Foreign Language, Japanese teachers, Japanese experts teaching in JGSU, and student representatives majoring in Japanese.