43 Students to be Sent to Study Abroad and in Taiwan

On May. 28th, Pre-departure Meeting was held before 43 students were sent to study outside mainland. Vice president Gui Guoqing attended the meeting and made a speech, leaders from International School introduced details of these programs and foreign affairs experts lectured on foreign affairs knowledge.

On behalf of JGSU, Vice president Gui expressed his congratulations to 43 students who are going to embark on their journey for study and visit, as well as his genuine hope that all the students can cherish this opportunity and return with fruits.

According to agreements reached with foreign universities and educational institutions, with application of the students, consent from their parents and recommendation from Schools, 1 student has been chosen to engage in the 3+1 program, which involves one year study in British Coventry University, 1 student attend 14 days British Cambridge study program for IELTS courses and tour around the highly prestigious universities and places of interest, 2 students will study in Ta Hwa University of Science and Technology for half years, tuition free; 7 students in Providence University for half a year (two of them enjoy tuition-free), 10 students in Taiwan Culture University for half a year, 4 students in Korean Woosong University for one year (1 tuition-free and 3 half tuition)  and 18 students are engaged in the three-month work and tour program in the United States.

According to the Agreements, for students study abroad and in Taiwan, their credits will be acknowledged on both sides.  (International School)