Party Secretary Wan Jikang Visited Universities in the UK and the Netherlands


From September 24th to 30th, the University delegation led by the university Party Secretary Wan Jikang visited universities in the UK and the Netherlands for educational exchange and cooperation under the invitation of Cambridge Regional College, Bolton University in the UK and Saxon University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. The delegation is also joined by the leaders from International School, School of Architectural Engineering, School of Humanities and School of Foreign Languages. They discussed about joint education programs in relevant majors and student exchange program, and signed cooperative agreements with three institutions respectively, which has further expanded our exchange and cooperation with foreign institutions of higher education.

JGSU Signed Cooperative Agreement with Cambridge Regional College

On Sep.25th, Wan Jikang met with vice-president Chris Lang and director of International Program Department of Cambridge Regional College and had a further discussion about “2+1”associate-degree program in civil engineering, accounting and tourism. Wan introduced the basic situation of our university and noted there is great space for cooperation between our two sides. Mrs Amina introduced Cambridge University and their cooperative programs with other educational institutions in many countries. She also stressed that they were ready to develop various innovative cooperative programs, such as course introduction, short-term training for the faculty and students. The two sides signed cooperative agreement, which specifies that student recruitment starts in next fall. The delegation also visited Student Service Center and laboratories of civil engineering and mechanical engineering majors.

JGSU Signed Intent of Cooperation with Bolton University

On Sep.26th, in Bolton, England, Wan Jikang discussed with Dr. George Holmes, the vice-chairman of Bolton University, about the joint education of undergraduate program in mechanical engineering, visual communication and media concluding that the two universities shared great similarities in discipline characteristics, talents cultivation and other aspects and that partnership in joint education should be furthered in the future. The two sides signed Intent of cooperation. Wan Jikang also visited laboratories and equipment of mechanical engineering and civil engineering with the company of Chen Bei, director of International Cooperation and Exchange Office and Tim Ward, director of Mechanical Engineering Department. 

JGSU Signed Memorandum of Understanding with Saxon University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands

On Sep.29th, Wan Jikang met with Dr. WimBookamp, president of Saxon University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. The two sides discussed about the cooperative education program in civil engineering, mechanical engineering and bioscience, and signed Memorandum of Understanding. During the visit, the delegation also met with the director of the international Department, dean of Bioscience School, Engineering School, Design School, Mechanical Engineering School, Electric Engineering School and Civil Engineering School. They explored the details concerning cooperation education, such as mutual-recognition of credits, student exchange, faculty exchange, etc. They also discussed the tuition fee, living expenses and accommodation of exchange students.

This visit has deepened our intercollegiate cooperation with British universities and opened up the exchange channel with universities in the Netherlands, expanded international cooperation program, which has laid a solid foundation for further enhancing the internationalization of education of our university.